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(24) Dave Horn
January 20, 2016

Based on a recommendation, I signed Jack up for your Sunday night hitting clinic back in November 2013. The baseball expenditures for Jack since that time have exceeded any of our expectations. This is meant as a compliment. Both of you, Carl, Bill, Jim, (and anyone else that I may have missed) have made a positive effect on Jack. His development and knowledge of the game from spending time at your facility over the past 2 years has impressed both of us. Jack has the opportunity to develop a work ethic while playing a game he enjoys.

I wanted to let you know your efforts and involvement with the kids are not going unnoticed. As we see Jack getting better, so are his teammates over the past year.

(23) Andrew Miller
April 30, 2013

I was 3-7 today. Been working on what ya said. Hit a ball outta Lawrence Dumont Stadium. Talking close to 500 ft. Last few games I'm 9-21 with a bomb/triple/ four doubles. Thanks for the help man seriously.

(22) Steve Pappaterra
August 21, 2012

I wanted to thank you for the excellent instruction I received early in this 2012 baseball season. It was, by far, the best offensive year I have had since playing senior men's hardball. I hit with more power, driving balls in gaps, and my average went up some 150 points. I ended up leading both divisions of the 45+ SJ men's league in walks, runs, and finished second in SB. I was near the top in in OBP, as well. To top it off, our team won the championship and I will be playing in the All-Star Game at Campbell's Field on Sept 16.

I hope to be able to pick up where we left off before next season, as I know I have more work to do. Hitting off the tee, by the way, has become a ritual for me.

(21) Scott Spruill
May 10, 2012

Mr. Roach,

I wanted to write to you so that I could express my appreciation for the hitting instruction you’ve been providing for my daughter Brooke over the last few weeks.

Prior to working with you and your company We Drop Bombs, she was barley making contact and rarely hit one out of the infield. Currently that has all changed, she is crushing the ball, line drive after line drive, as a matter of fact in last nights game she hit a bomb that missed going over the fence by 2 feet.

The game is so much fun for her now and her confidence is thru the roof. thanks again and we'll see you at her next session.

(20) Dennis McLaughlin
November 20, 2011

Lloyd showed up at Wedropbombs based on a recommendation of a respected coach and friend that told me Al was the best hitting coach in NJ. My son arrived as a hot and cold hitter with a shaky mental approach as well. After a month with Al, his attitude was rock steady, his swing is the most solid it has ever been and he can't wait to get back to sessions with both Al and his catching coach Scott.

Two weeks ago when my son was in a playoff game down 4 runs, he confidently ripped a 2 run triple deep into the gap. I knew our time with Al was well spent. My friend Randy was right.

During the tryouts for his team, one of the parents was watching Lloyd hit and he said "wow your son can hit the ball hard, mine can't" I said, "sure he can, go talk to Al. Lloyd has been working with Al
for a month."

(19) Tony Carella
April 8, 2011

My son Garrett is 10 years old and just hit his first home run over the fence. On the way home Garrett said "Dad thanks for taking me to Al, I couldn't have done it without his training". I agreed with him, Al teaches the proper hitting mechanics that creates a powerful and consistent swing. Garrett has been going to Al for over a year, and he continues to go Al for training. Al is great with the kid's, and I now know many of the players he trains all kill the ball.

(18) Kevin Boswick
January 13, 2011

You are the BOMB

(17) Mike Abbonizio
January 13, 2011

We are having a really nice pitching camp. Andrew is staying focused and having lots of fun. Your coaching staff is top shelf and adding a great value to the program. After two weeks I'm seeing a change in Andrew in how he is appreciating technique and putting into play. Couldn't have done it without your guidance. We Drop Bombs is dynamite. I wish I was a kid and could have that opportunity to play again and train with pro players.

(16) Joey Robertson
January 13, 2011


Joey had two baseball games in a tournament this weekend. The first games since having just 4 sessions with you. He went 3 for 5 with 3 walks and hit his first home run of the season over the fence...much improved, thanks for all your help.

The Robertsons

(15) Jerry Guaracino
January 13, 2011

"Hey Al

I wanted to let you know that Travis hit a fly ball and hit the fence in yesterday's game in Mt. Laurel. He just missed a HR by a few feet. He was so happy. He said to my wife and I that he is hitting the ball so much better and harder because of you.


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